Tooth Extractions

If you can keep your own natural teeth for as long as possible, that’s a good thing. In fact, Dr. Rivera and other dentists typically do all they can to ensure that their patients do keep their own teeth throughout their lifetimes. But sometimes, for whatever reason, tooth extractions become necessary. Although having a tooth pulled may not sound too appealing, the truth is that modern dental techniques allow this procedure to be done quickly and easily in the vast majority of cases. Dr. Rivera has years of experience in performing tooth extractions for his patients in and around Victoria, TX.

When You Might Need a
Tooth Extraction

If you have a tooth that has been heavily damaged and can’t be repaired, of if you have a tooth that has become so severely infected that no other dental procedure will save it, Dr. Rivera may recommend that the tooth be pulled. There are other situations where tooth extractions could be necessary as well – such as when a patient’s immune system is compromised by some other physical ailment and any sort of an infection poses a risk to the person’s overall health. And patients with advanced gum disease often end up with loose teeth that need to be removed.

tooth extraction

The Important Role the Patient
Plays in the Extraction Process

Having a tooth pulled here in our office is only part of the extraction process. The steps you follow at home to ensure that your mouth heals fully after the procedure play a huge role in your recovery. Dr. Rivera will provide you with a full set of instructions on how to properly care for the extraction site after you go home, which will allow you to heal as quickly as possible.

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