Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, it’s important that you find a way to replace those teeth as soon as possible. If you don’t, your other teeth will shift in place to fill in the gap left behind by the missing teeth. When your other teeth move, it throws your bite off, and that can cause a myriad of other dental issues. There are several different methods available to replace missing teeth. One of the most popular is with dental bridges, which is why Dr. Rivera is pleased to offer these appliances to his Victoria, TX, area patients.

dental bridges

Important Information about
Dental Bridges

Bridges have been used for quite some time to replace missing teeth. Modern-day bridges consist of one or more porcelain crowns mounted onto a metal frame with brackets on both ends. Those brackets fit over the patients existing natural teeth on either side of the gap. Today’s dental porcelain can be very closely matched to the patient’s natural tooth color, so dental bridges are virtually undetectable by other people.

Two Types of Dental Bridges

Dr. Rivera offers his patients two types of bridges: fixed and removable. Just as the name would imply, a fixed bridge is permanent, and a removable bridge can be removed by the patient. Fixed bridges are preferred by many patients because they don’t move around inside the patient’s mouth. However, some people prefer to have the ability to remove their bridge for cleaning. Talk to Dr. Rivera about your own personal habits to decide which type is best for you.

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